Why do not you come to Japan for breastfeeding once in your life in a breastfeeding store?

Hello! My name is bonyu taro!

I think you live overseas, will you come to Japan for breastfeeding only once in your life?

In Japan there are shops that can drink breast milk directly from the breast of a woman, saying a breastfeeding store.

↓Below is an example.


And there are 4 shops where “foreigners” are available in Japanese breastfeeding stores.

↓ There are 4 stores in the bottom.

Shibuya in Tokyo. “Chichi Paradise DX


Ikebukuro in Tokyo. ” Milky baby

Yokohama in Kanagawa”Milk DX


Osaka city in Osaka ”Ultra mother’s milk


You can drink breast milk at these four stores.

Please use Narita Airport or Osaka International Airport for the airport.

“Chichi Paradise DX”、 ” Milky baby” “Milk DX“→Please use Narita Airport for these three.

Ultra mother’s milk“→Please use Osaka International Airport for one of these stores.

Please come and drink women’s breast milk to Japan. Thank you!!(^^)!